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Portfolio management

For customers who want to delegate the analysis, decision-making, monitoring and risk control of their investment portfolios, while combining the financial return with a sustainability-based approach. Using five risk profiles, we service our customers according to their return-risk objectives and a sustainable approach. We use the vehicles that best suit customers’ needs: equities, fixed income, investment funds, ETFs, etc…. Portfolios are managed according to customers’ custody and jurisdiction preferences.


We offer personalised advice to meet our customers’ needs.

This service may either focus exclusively on sustainability or integrate financial and sustainability criteria to help customers achieve their return, risk and sustainability objectives. We provide advice on all asset classes: equities, fixed income, investment funds, ETFs, illiquid assets, etc…. Using our independence-based approach, we find the most efficient vehicle for meeting customers’ needs, without any retrocession or third-party fees. This removes all potential conflicts of interest.

With regard to sustainability, we cover all aspects of sustainable investing: exclusions, themed funds, integration of environmental, social and governance (EDG) factors, best-in-class, best effort, integration of financial and sustainability criteria, contribution to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), shareholder commitment, and impact investing in illiquid assets (venture capital, private debt, infrastructures and real estate).

Sustainability analysis

This service is designed for institutions, companies and family groups that want us to conduct a situation analysis of their assets or business model and help them to reach a diagnosis by preparing an impact report on their management. We also help them to set and achieve sustainability objectives

Consultancy and training

Portocolom AV is the group of people who make up the team and its customers. Accordingly, customers are at the centre of our work and we adapt to their needs as they evolve over time. We understand that the path to sustainability is long and involves a learning process, and we therefore offer the following services and more:

  • Training in financial sustainability for institutions, professionals and executives.
  • Strategic positioning.
  • Identification and access to different types of sustainable investing, helping to create optimal investment products for customers of financial institutions.
  • Due diligence analysis of financial assets (equities, fixed income, investment funds, ETFs and pension plans).
  • Due diligence analysis and search for opportunities in illiquid assets (venture capital, non-listed debt, infrastructures and real estate).
  • Impact assessments and preparation of impact reports. Strategic coordination of philanthropic work and customers’ investments.
  • Consultancy for the implementation of investment policies.