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History has shown that long-term fairer and more equitable growth is impossible without meaningful cooperation between the economy, society, politics, public organisations, the private sector and other social institutions.

At Portocolom AV, we believe that financial markets have a vital role to play in addressing the social and environmental challenges facing the global community.
Investors must integrate the impact factor into all of their decisions
to help to create stronger communities, a healthier environment and a sustainable future for all.

To achieve this laudable future, impact industries require clear leadership. This means:

  • Mobilising more capital towards impact investing
  • Creating an education and best practices framework.
  • Safeguarding the integrity of impact investing by developing a common identity where all actors share values, success stories and knowledge.
  • Contributing to a change of mentality regarding the role of capital in society.

For all of these reasons, and to deliver the best service to customers while surrounding ourselves with the world’s leading actors in impact investing.